The 2015 ASIAN WINDSURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held at the area that a sand beach unifies with a yacht harbor at each other. The venue, is a rare marine sports area which has both of the Enoshima Yacht harbor and the Enoshima beach.
Many tourists visit this area throughout the year, from September to October in particular. Our executive committee will carry out a glamorous plan that attracts many tourists who have indifferent to Windsurfing sports as well as all participants.

Plan View1
[1] Race Area1
[2] Exhibition Area
[3] Enoshima Yacht Harbor
[4] Beach Event Area
[5] Enoshima Chotto Yacht Beach Club / Enoshima Chotto Yacht Beach House

Plan View2
[1] Sponsor Area
[2] Stage & Event Headquarters
[3] Food and Drink Area / Sponsor Area
[4] Leaving and arrival area for Asian Windsurfing & Spectators space