1. Championships
2015 Asian Windsurfig Championship 

2. Holding purpose
We aim at the young people, athlete upbringing, image enhancement of the whole not only the player reinforcement but also sailing world and the activation of the area around Enoshima, and the meeting sponsor holds this meeting by being a meeting place of the Tokyo Olympic Games taking advantage of a surge of the interest in sports by the Tokyo Olympic Games holding once in 1964 for 2,020 years, and holding a continent championship of the windsurfing that it becomes such it in Japan in increasing Enoshima of the attention degree for 13 years by having been decided in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games meeting places now in sluggish Japanese sailing world.
In addition, after 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games sailing meeting place decision, We are going to fix the meeting that is still similar to the culture of the Malin sports that I am young and am new and am refreshing and become a target of the admiration of young people by holding a meeting in a meeting place and the sea area where the attention degree increases as a pillar of dispatch of the education and the regional activation business that local, came of the area coherence.

3. Organized
Enoshima Chotto Yacht Beach Club (Shonan Ocean Education Sports Promotion Association)
In association with
Japan Windsurfing Association (JWA)
Japan University Boardsailing Federation (JUBF)

4. Suppoted by
Prefecture of Kanagawa
City of Fujisawa
City of Kamakura
Japan Sailing Federation(Approval H27-24)
Kanagawa Prefecture Sailing Federation
Koshigoe Fishermen’s Association
Enoshima-Katase Fishermen’s Association

5. Sponsored by
Bicsport Japan
Magicmarine Japan
Frutafruta Inc.
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co.,Ltd
Starmore Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
Estate Hakuba Co.,Ltd
Goldwin Inc.(Helly Hansen)
biid Inc. 
O’penbic Café 
Shonan Hayama Fusosan Co.,Ltd

6. Subsidy aid
Japan Sport Council